Here Are Some Types Of Metal For The Best House Gate

The first type of metal for the gate is the cast iron. Usually, cast iron is used as a material for making gates and fences. This iron is called cast iron because the manufacturing process is by processing iron ore until it melts and finally iron will be obtained in a certain proportion which will then be poured into a mould with the desired shape and size. Meanwhile, if you’re bored of the manual metal gate, we suggest you install metal electric gates.

This cast iron contains carbon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and also silicon with different properties and characters for various needs, such as making gates and fences different from the type of hollow iron.

Then, the galvalume is a term for Zinc Allume which in the coating process there are elements of iron and aluminium and iron. When viewed from the composition, hollow galvalume has good resistance to corrosion or rust when compared to other types of iron for gates. Because the quality is good, then of course the price of this iron is also more expensive when compared to other types of iron.

This hollow iron product is produced and released from each factory with different qualities which also have a different effect in terms of price by making a push iron gate. The better the quality, the more expensive the price with the usual size of about 6 meters but the thickness varies starting from 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm and also up to 1.7 mm.

Next, a galvalume plate is a type of coated steel that contains a mixture of aluminium and zinc. With the characteristics of the galvalume plate, it is very suitable to be applied for outdoor use such as gates and even for roofs, gutters and other needs including large buildings or residential houses.

This galvalume material is very light so that in the process it is easier to either lift or install it into a gate. Also, add anti-rust paint for iron gates to make them more durable.

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